Welcome to Get Inspired


Joy juice quenches the thirst of the soul.

Inspiration is more than a quote photo. It’s your Super Power. Get inspired is your ticket to soar. It is a holy grail

of dreams, hopes, wisdom, humor and strategy that lift you above the mundane black and white human world, propelling you into the hypereal vivid fully saturated awareness of Spirit and your connection to the Divine.

Get Inspired is where you will learn to live juicy…eat glitter for breakfast…lather yourself with love notes… refresh your breathe by popping positivity…. ignite your spirit with sunshine sundaes… restore your faith with flamingo pool floats and music to lay on.

Get Inspired will create space for you to:

Sip bubbles and effervesce all day.

Energize your mind field.

Turbo charge your enthusiasm.

Wear your mystical musings like a neon bathrobe.

Hug someone from the inside out.

Jump for joy.

Plunge into possibility.

Wear a purpose parachute.

 Become spicy.

Be clairvoyant.

Invite your inner child come out and play.

Teach the voice inside your head to sing your anthem and your lullaby.

Be.still your heart and Be.calm your world

Find music and meditations to lift you up above the online inline chatter.

 Discover your Divine Colors, Your private bespoken language and the song that brings you to heaven on earth instantly. Welcome to a feast for your senses that uplifts your spirit informs your mind and moves your body in unison.

Get inspired is your daily answer to prayer. Find

words that inspire you to aspire to live fully immersed and excited about today. It’s a faith walk. Restore, Invigorate, Ignite, Nourish, Affirm, Respect, Motivate, and Transform and Inform your self every day… Welcome to Get Inspired.

Your Divine Colors


What if you had a language that spoke directly from your soul and created a rainbow that would describe and support you every day life? What if I shared with you that you have a set of Divine Colors that will translate the world for you and express your unique journey to the world in a way that makes perfect sense and allows you to understand yourself like never before? Welcome to the extraordinary world of color. Imagine a world where you can feast on fuchsia, smell lemincello, hear sapphire and touch prickly pear. Imagine if you, yourself had an actual color personality as unique as your fingerprint? Well, you do! You do have a unique set of Divine Colors which reflects and permeates every layer of your being.


Discover Your Divine Colors!

I’m Ready!

Explore Your Vivid Life!


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