Beauty From The Inside Out


Get Pretty.  It sounds very simple.  What I have discovered is that there is much more to Get Pretty than meets the eye. It’s an inside job.  When we finally understand that one notion, and accept ourselves as the beautiful unique and powerful women that we are on the inside, bringing that beauty to the outside is easy. As a former Ford Model and Fashion Show Producer, and Image Consultant for over 30 years,  I am so excited to share with you all my secrets, tips, tools and resources necessary to truly understand your body and love the skin you’re in.  You will discover the secrets of how to dress for your body type, style, coloring and personality. You will learn how to translate the fashion trends into your own signature style that expresses who you are today. Be a Style Influencer, not a fashion disaster.

Deeply know, accept and celebrate all the beauty you bring to your one gorgeous life. Feel confident, look radiant and learn exactly what to wear to every day for maximum impact and success whether you are going to work, on a date or taking a field trip with your kids!  Make your journey the runway for your life! From Skin care to Make Up, Fashion to Style, Your LivVivid Professional and Personal Image will give you the looks that will get you looks! Your Sexy, Satisfied and Successful life is only a click way!

What Is Your Body Type?

H, V, A, 8

The Body Types are pretty easy to understand: They are the“H”,“A”,“8”, and “V”. In this section you will be able to determine what your body type is and then we can go from there!

What Is Your Wardrobe Personality?


Most women will discover that their body frame, features, tastes and lifestyles fall into one category completely or are best described as a combination of two wardrobe personalities. Once we discover the perfect wardrobe personality we are easily able to select garments that reflect our inner beauty and outer style. We feel beautiful. We look comfortable in our second skin and reflect a confidence, style and self awareness that makes us sparkle!

What Is Your Skin Tone?


Love The Skin You’re In! Skin tone determines your best wardrobe colors and creates a younger, slimmer, sexier and more successful you. Did you know that wearing the right shades of color can actually make you look more energetic and attractive? You have a base undertone to your skin that will determine the correct colors for you to wear to look your best.


Get Photogenic


A Picture is not only worth a million words…it could be worth a million bucks! The competition for your audience’s attention is higher than ever! No matter how good your content is, getting people to watch your videos is solely based on how you look! People click off a video every 8 seconds. How do you keep your viewers engaged?


YOUR LivVivid™ Personal Make Over And  VIP Shopping Experience!

Do you daydream of having a personal stylist?  Someone to shop with who knows all the secrets of how to find the perfect clothes for your body style and budget? Wouldn’t it be great to feel confident, pampered and admired for the day instead of feeling discouraged and depressed in the mall? Shopping with someone who not only understands shopping, fashion and style but also has the vision, knowledge and passion to create a style for you that is all your own is usually available only to the most discriminating of shoppers. And now, it is available for you! Book Your LivVivid ™ VIP Shopping Day with Mary and Personally experience what it’s like to work with an expert who will make you look gorgeous, feel great and gain the confidence and charisma it takes for you to be successful sexy and satisfied in life, in your career and in love! 

Over the past 40 years, Mary Giuseffi has worked with thousands of women world wide, creating their perfect wardrobes for their body type, personality, coloring and lifestyle.  From Petites to Plus, teens to seniors, stay at home moms to fortune 500 executives, Mary’s is passionate about teaching women how to bring all the beauty they possess on the inside to the outside so that they can achieve their goals personally and professionally!  Her goal is for women to be able to “look in the mirror and fall in love with the woman they see!” She celebrates your uniqueness and vision for your life and creates the looks that will get you the looks you deserve!


Your Vivid Life!


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“Mary Giuseffi is a real gem! She has helped me tremendously to fine tune my image and brand. Her enthusiasm, expertise, and innate sense of what is right for each individual’s unique personality makes her a joy to work with. I highly recommend her services for those wanting to take their career to the next level.”
Teresa Anne Power
Words cannot describe how incredible my experience was working with Mary Giuseffi in preparation for a huge publicity event. She is not only the most kind & loving person to work with, but Mary is so talented & good at what she does! Mary provided me with such excellent guidance and advice. I felt so safe with her and more confidant than ever! I felt gorgeous because of my fab wardrobe and makeup and I had so much success! I look so forward to working with her throughout my career for guidance, support, advice and a new wardrobe to look my best! Thank you Mary!!!
Kim Weiler
Thank you so much!!!! Not only did I love my experience with you, I very much appreciate it!!! I came home full of excited energy… tried on my new cloths… LOVE them and feel wonderful!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!
Tina Klonaris

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