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Clink, Pop, Fizz….Raise your glasses to the sweet smell of LivVivid™; Your personal life story as you want it to be, as you deserve it to be and as you create it to be. LivVivid is the word that best describes what we all want in life: JOY, ABUNDANCE, LOVE and SUCCESS! LivVivid describes that gorgeous full immersion visceral life in which we are fully authentic, present, emancipated from all negativity and free to savor every experience daily with the anticipation and satisfaction of knowing that a life lived to the fullest and richest is available for you! What would it be like if you could experience every layer of life and be able to dive into every luscious bite with passion, promise, grace and confidence? It would be your life unleashed, lived in a heightened sense of awareness and presencefeeling, thinking, tasting, touching, hearing, smelling and seeing every living thing vibrating at is full potential.


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Mary Giuseffi 

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Mary Giuseffi is a Personal Brand Expert, Two Time Amazon #1 Best Selling Author, Speaker, Color Authority and Award Winning Humanitarian and Advocate for Women and Children. She is internationally recognized and respected,  most recently appearing several times on The Today Show sharing her expertise on Personal Branding and Relationships. Mary Giuseffi appears across the broadcast platforms and speaks nation wide on Self Empowerment, Color, Women’s inspiration, Personal Branding and Marketing recent appearances include the National Publicity Summit in NYC and Oprah’s Belief Series Premier in Salt Lake City.

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Clients LOVE Mary!

Mary is phenomenal! She has given me everything I need to be successful! Thank you Mary!
Jennifer Marcenelle
Mary is teaching me to perform on live TV and in the media. I didn’t think I could do it but she’s been easing me into it. I feel like I’ve learned a lot! Thank you Mary!
Diana Piazza
Steve Harrison, Bradley Communications

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