As many of you know…. My #1 Amazon Best Seller, Straight Up With A Twist,divides women’s personalities in categories by their preferred cocktail or nonalcoholic beverage. Did you know that in addition to your preferred beverage, your purse selection also shares your inner secrets with the world? Well, ladies, it’s all in the bag!

Champagne Girls always carry a chic, classic, understated bag of medium size with a few compartments for her most necessary accessories—lip liner and lipstick, powder (yes, some girls still carry a compact), a matching wallet with accompanying little black book, tissues, pillbox, and glasses/shades. It’s neat and unassuming, but don’t think for a minute it’s inexpensive, sans label. You must know what you’re looking at to detect the value of this bag and this girl. Everything has its designated place.

Margarita Girls always carry a bag that’s as big as they are, overflowing with everything, including a portable kitchen sink. A family could live for a week off the contents of her purse. Receipts are everywhere, wads of cash still wrapped amid them. She has a wallet that’s usually empty except for her driver’s license because she’s always in a hurry and never puts her cards back after she uses them. Then she panics and spends the day trying to figure whether there are any fraudulent charges. Her cards are discovered in the back pocket of the jeans she was wearing last night.

She’s got hair ties and six lipsticks, photos of her crew, an extra clean pair of panties (just in case), cough drops and candy, gum and mints, the latest philanthropic newsletter, expired coupons and a prayer card, two pairs of sunglasses and an iPod or two. Yep, her purse has got tons of pockets and zip space, but in an attempt to be organized, she never puts the same thing in the same place twice, so her “bag life” is in a constant state of disarray, and anybody behind this chick in line can count on a half hour and a total purse dump before she finally finds a card that works.

A Bourbon Girl carries her wallet attached to her keys and her phone in her back pocket. She leaves her “overnight bag” in the car with the dogs and the window cracked. She never worries about leaving stuff in the car, because one look at her dog and no one would even think about entering. If, for some reason, she has a bag, it has one of those multi-compartment liners, and it’s more organized than a church pew on Sunday morning. Her wallet is perfectly organized, too. Amazing as it is, she’s a businesswoman at heart.

Martini Girls don’t even carry a bag. Please. What are her peeps for anyway? They carry her stuff, answer her phone, and apply a touch-up when necessary. This girl won’t even admit to wearing glasses, never mind being caught carrying them. Okay, she has a hundred purses in her closet stored by color, and when none of her peeps are available, she puts on her darkest shades, pulls out matching accouterments puts a credit card, a hundred dollar bill, and a lipstick in it, and she’s off. She doesn’t need anything else. Her line? “Don’t you know who I am?”

Your handbag is a clear factor is determining your personal style and personality. It also conveys a lot about how you feel about yourself! Are you confident? Are you clear? Are you focused on achieving your goals? Your bag says it all! The funny thing is, that most of us can dress to the nines to make a fabulous first impression on a client, a group or a date… we invest in the perfect outfit, make up hair and nails…and then ruin it all by taking the most hideous bag known to womankind!

I would really love to assist you in showing up every day as your most empowered and fashionable best self! I believe in you and am excited for your success in life and in love! That is why I have included my best seller as a bonus item in my brand-new online course: Sexy, Successful and Satisfied: The Independent Woman’s Guide to Looking Gorgeous and Feeling Great!