Let me tell you a story about a woman who looked in the mirror every day and hated what she saw…. she was so ashamed and discouraged about her looks that she had lost hoped in her self, her life and her future. She surrounded herself by the most wonderful dogs who she felt, loved her heart in spite of her weight.

She emailed me and signed up for a 30 minute consult, out of desperation, because she was going to meet some TV producers and had nothing to wear…. She told me she was a size 18. We hired me to work with her in person. She met me in NYC. I first saw her nervously smoking a cigarette outside her hotel, dreading our first hello. She was wearing a trench coat hoping to hide the inevitable. She was no 18…. she was actually a size 22 wide…. and barely 5” tall….Miss B was going to be a challenge for sure but I had absolute faith in our process. She immediately started to apologize. I quickly changed the subject from impossibilities to possibilities. Her pace picked up. She was struggling to keep up but she believed that she could do it.  I had a plan. The next 8 hours changed her life. Most importantly, it changed her heart…and her image of who she was about to become…the best version of her!

We rushed across the street and entered one of my favorite shopping destinations. Thank God I had pre-shopped that day before and had set aside some things that felt were right for her. These type of adventures require planning and strategy. I knew her body type. I knew her coloring. I knew her style. I knew her personality and I knew her goals. The only thing left was for me to match her gorgeous inside to her outside.

One hour later we left the store but before we did she started to cry. You see, in that short time, we bought her 22 outfits and shoes to match. With each outfit she looked at herself in the mirror and couldn’t believe how beautiful she looked. By the third outfit she was twirling and laughing and standing taller and more confident. By the 5th outfit she was running around the dress department like a girl who had just been asked to the prom. By the 22nd outfit she burst into to tears, ran up to me, gave me the biggest hug and said, “Until today, I have NEVER felt beautiful. Now I look into the mirror and love the woman I see! Thank you for giving me back my life”.

Before the day was over we had gone on to a famous hair salon color color and cut and then makeup and a lesson. My team and I created a fabulous hair do that would accentuate her best feature-those eyes and selected a color that would make her appear younger and more energized,  along with selecting makeup that enhances her season.

She walked into the event the next day and everyone was astonished. You see…. She was a walking miracle!

The greatest miracle was not her new clothes. It was the way her new clothes and makeover made her feel about herself. For the first time she believed she was lovable. For the first time she believed she had value. For the first time she could imagine herself Sexy, Successful and Satisfied and worthy of joy, love and abundance. The clothes transformed Miss B’s spirit, body and mind. She emerged as confident, clear and very happy empowered entrepreneur. The same thing can happen for you!

I have dozens and dozens of stories about men and women whose lives have been transformed in dressing rooms. I am passionate about bringing all the beauty you possess on the inside and to the outside and creating the most authentic best version of you for the world to see. Most importantly, as I say in my book “Straight Up With A Twist”, my goal is for you to look in the mirror and fall totally in love with the person you see.  I want to see you shine and have your dreams come true in life, in your career and in your relationships. It all begins with you…. understanding who you are and how you show up in the world! I am committed to helping you be grown up and gorgeous! Your future begins today! Say “YES!” to your vivid life!

Do you find yourself wearing the same outfits all the time? Are you lacking options in your closet and tired of having nothing that looks or feels right on your body? Then this is for you! Sexy, Successful & Satisfied: The Independent Woman’s Guide to Looking Gorgeous and Feeling Great!