Closet Chaos; Mary Giuseffi; http://www.livvivid.comI understand. Your closet is a battlefield…and at the moment you are losing the fight! Never fear- we have all been there and some of us are still there! The crazy thing about having a messy closet is that the chaos in our closets seems to create chaos in our mind. Trying to get dressed in a hurry… not being able to find anything that fits and then not liking anything we put on, creates such stress and anxiety that instead of leaving the house, calm, confident and content …many of us would rather crawl back in bed, turn out the lights and hide…upset, anxious, hating our life and not liking ourselves too much either!

WAIT! I have a solution! I have a system and I have a way for you to feel grown up and gorgeous every morning! It’s more than a course, its more than a video, its more than a quote photo…it’s a way to live a more Zen life and focus on your fabulousness instead of your disastrous closet and clothes!

Today I am going to share my first 5 Tips for Creating Closet Calm:

1. Organize your closet according to color. Put the colors you wear most in the easiest place to reach and then proceed accordingly.

2. If you have more than one closet-lucky girl! Organize by season and color. This makes it easy to pull from and does not require a full overhaul from in the Spring and Fall.

3.Put shoe racks on the floor under your hanging garments and place the same color shoes under the same color garments. White shoes under white garments, black under black etc.

4. Buy open topped containers in 2 or 3 sizes and store the purses, jeans, scarves etc. in each different size container. Neatly place each container on the shelf above your hanging garments. Easy access and not a big deal if they are not folded perfectly!!! AKA: I keep all my jeans and denim skirts in one; all my pashminas in three separate smaller ones, my purses in another.

5. Hang all your long garments together in order by color in an area of your closet where you will not have shoe racks.

These 5 tips are just the beginning … to learn more about how to create calm instead of chaos check out my online course, Sexy, Successful and Satisfied: The Independent Woman’s Guide to Looking Gorgeous and Feeling Great

Once you master the clutter around you, you will see how easy it is to master the rest of the morning chaos that crops up in our lives! Wouldn’t it be just wonderful to be able to walk in your closet- select what you are going to wear today and be dressed and out of the house in 15 minutes?????? IT IS POSSIBLE!!!! I do it every day! It’s all about knowing who you are on the inside and having the tools, confidence and clarity to create your wardrobe and the lifestyle that reflects you perfectly on the outside! Let’s do this,ladies! We have no time to waste in your closet when there is a whole fabulous world for you to live your grown up and gorgeous life fully engaged, powerful and free to be your best self and look like the very best version of you!


Mary Giuseffi