Beauty begins on the inside; Mary Giuseffi:

You may be madly in love with your little black dress. You may feel chic and sexy and young and thin. You may feel powerful, mysterious and elusive. You may wear it exclusively. Is it getting the results you want in your life and career? Probably, not. My advice? Get over it!

Can you imagine a life without color? Neither can your audience and clients! It absolutely amazes me that people somehow expect their clients to except anything less than gorgeous, visceral exciting and engaging colors to attract communicate and convert attention into sales!

Color is the #1 Influencer in purchasing power, establishing rapport and conveying relevancy, relatabilty and reliance. Color is the most powerful non-verbal communicator on the planet. It persuades in a way that gets under our skin without a word.

The truth is this:

* 93% of the people place a products visual appearance and color above other factors when shopping.

*85% place color as the number primary reason for buying a product.

* Color increases brand recognition by 80%

*90% of snap judgments are based on color alone. Hello impulse buyer!

So let’s talk about you.

Which colors work best empowering your personality, influencing your clients and audience and establishing trust and rapport? It depends.

Many times, the best colors for your brand really have nothing to do with you. Your favorite colors and your audience’s/client’s favorite colors may not be the same.

The key factor in determining which colors you should wear to a specific event, use on your website, in social media, videos and speeches is to understand the purpose of your presence and the desired results of your interaction. As Covey said, “Begin with the end in mind.” Color selection is a science and creating your Power Palette requires a specific formula that not only uplifts you and gives you confidence clarity and purpose, the selected colors should stimulate your audience in the right way and catalyze them to take a specific action. Whether it’s buying a house, investing the money, trusting you with their health, or hiring you as a consultant or coach. The colors you wear must not only look fabulous on you, they must say, “ I know how you feel, I’ve felt the same way, and I am certain that I can solve your unsolvable problem.”

The perfect color choice will attract your audience avatar in such a way that they will find it almost impossible to forget you. Not only will they be attracted to you. They will want to own your products, know you on a first name basis and pay handsomely for the opportunity. Yes, color does that! Color is your nonverbal dossier… it creates empathy, establish immediate likability, describes your moral character, your energy, and your personality. The colors you choose may be the only real shot you ever get at a listen, a purchase, a follower …a fan. The average attention span lasts 8 seconds…people form a visual impression in 50 milliseconds… so, how do you grab our audience, client or romantic partner’s attention? Image and Color. It’s the single most powerful way to keep people engaged.

What colors work best for you? It also starts with understanding the promise or value your product and service delivers to your clients and understanding the wants and needs of the person you want to persuade. For now, we are going to chat about a few colors and the influence they wield when you are wearing them or using them in your marketing and advertising.

I want my audience/ customer/ client to trust me: BLUE

I want my audience/ customer/ client to feel good about themselves: PINK

I want my audience/ customer/ client to feel alert and focused on what I’m saying: YELLOW

I want to my audience/ customer/ client to feel hungry: ORANGE. RED

I want my audience/ customer/client to feel understood, heard, valued: BLUE, ROSE PINK, LAVENDER

I want my audience/customer/client to take action NOW: RED

These are a few general examples of a specific color’s power and influence. This is just the beginning. Why do these colors have these results? Which color combinations will work best for me? How do I know what color to wear when and with whom? Which colors should I never wear? The answers are simple once we create your perfect vivid palette. I have been working with color, branding, fashion and influence for years and want to share my knowledge, wisdom and experience with you so that you will be empowered to be sexy, successful and satisfied in your life and career! For more information about creating your Personal Power Palette feel free to contact me directly right here on LinkedIn or reach out to me on Facebook.

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