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Congratulations! You are ready to launch into the mega success you deserve! You have tirelessly prepared for this moment and worked diligently on the writing of your book and the building your career that has set the stage for your  leap to Expert Status.

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Why Is Your Personal Brand Important?


WE ALL HAVE A BRAND. It is the totality of how others experience us in the world. It is our commercial. Why have an “accidental brand” when you can create your brand “On Purpose” Creating a brand on purpose means that you care enough about your relationship with the world to make sure that your most intimate public conversation with people is authentic, vibrant, relevant, relatable and real.

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Personal Brand Creation ~ Creative Direction ~ Photo Shoots ~ Video Production ~ Scripting ~ “On Camera” Training ~ Personal Styling and Wardrobe ~ Image Makeover ~ Marketing Strategy ~ Book Cover Design ~ Media Strategy ~ Website Development ~ Pitching the Media ~ Interview Techniques ~ Posture, Poise and Vocal Training

Your VIP Experience


Your First impression, Image, Personal Branding, Media Savvy and Training will be a key factor in determining your book’s Best Seller success and gaining your expert status across all media platforms.


Mary shares with you 12 Tips for Creating a Telegenic Appearance ; How to get booked for a national TV appearance.

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Mary Shares: “Why Wouldn’t You Get Booked On TV, What The Producers Don’t Tell You.”

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“Mary, you’re amazing! One consultation with you has paid for itself many times over. I had no idea I was wearing the wrong color all these years. Instead of wearing charcoal gray suits, I decided to follow your advice and wear a navy blue one for an upcoming speaking engagement. You assured me blue would resonate better with my audience and topic. Well, first of all, I felt a lot better. That’s the kind of confidence you instill. Then right before I went up to the stage to speak, a well-dressed man in the audience grabbed me by the arm, and said, ‘Excuse me, can you tell me where you got that tie?’ He then asked me for your number! But that’s not all. I spoke for an hour and brought in $42,000 in sales. Later that night, I asked one of the attendees why he signed up for my program. He said, ‘I looked at you up there on the stage and I said to myself, ‘That person shares my values!’ You’re right! People form impressions of us before we even speak. Thanks for showing me how to use the unspoken language of color, wardrobe and body language to persuade people to take action! I look forward to future consultations.”

Steve Harrison, Bradley Communications

I consider Mary Giuseffi largely responsible for the success I’ve had on this path! Dr. Ish Major, Host, Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, Psychiatrist and Author

“Mary Giuseffi is a real gem! She has helped me tremendously to fine tune my image and brand.  Her enthusiasm, expertise, and innate sense of what is right for each individual’s unique personality makes her a joy to work with.  I highly recommend her services for those wanting to take their career to the next level.”Teresa Anne Power, Children’s Health and Fitness Expert and Author of the Multiple Award Winning BookThe ABCs of Yoga for Kids. , #1 Best Selling Author, Expert and Founder of Kids Yoga Day

I have to give raving gratitude to Mary for her branding me with orange Levis jeans and Converse sneakers. Literally it is the site bite that is getting them in. the brand reviews keep rolling in so many of the 150 guests are coming up to me telling me the love the look, ‘the sneakers slay me’, and on and on. So many people came up to me both days saying how slayed they were over my brand. Of course I gave all credit to Mary. Mary’s blend of her branding and her intuition makes her quite special — finding a look for a monk is, after all, is out of the ordinary and a challenge to say the least. She rose to the challenge and aced it! The ‘sight-bite’ attracted influencers to me like a magnet. People are so stoked by my brand many of these people, I am now beginning talks for strategic partnerships.  Swami Sadashiva Tirtha, Amazon #1 Best Selling Author, Speaker and Healer, TV and Radio Host

I’m reading and re-reading your words of wisdom below, which resonate with me deeply. I thank you for your understanding, empathy, and support and helping me grow as a person as I grow my brand and spread my message. Your strategic advice, wholehearted support, and generous spirit have been instrumental to me on this journey. Thank you!

I honor you for sharing your valuable time, incredible talent, and positive support on this path. You made my video shoot in LA a most powerful experience. One of those videos I used to successfully raise $15,255.00, fully funding my project on Kickstarter!  You radiate so much love and energy in real life. Master Phil Nguyen Amazon #1 Best Seller Author, TV Guest Expert, Speaker and Entrepreneur