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“Your success in life is determined by the very first impression you make.”

~Mary Giuseffi

You have 8 seconds to showcase yourself as THE ONE others want to do business with, spend time with and trust.  You have 8 seconds to share your truth and purpose . You have 8 seconds to cement the first impression that will propel you into being the ONLY person capable of freeing your audience from their unsolvable problem.

How do you stand out from the masses?

By creating a brand that instantaneously makes other’s hearts skip a beat… by creating a brand that invites flow… and flow is only born from tapping into the world as an authentic engaged and powerful being…

That’s where I come in.

Choose the program below that’s right for you and I promise to show you exactly how to strategically design a first impression they’ll never forget!

Authors, Experts and Speakers

Do you know the #1 reason authors and experts do not succeed? They do not invest in the one thing that will separate them from the masses and allow them to gain the celebrity status and the success they richly deserve– IMAGE!  They forget or maybe just don’t realize how important it is to create their own best Personal Brand that will seal the deal and pave the way toward book sales, speaking gigs, TV and radio interviews, thousands of social media followers, on line programs and personal clients!


Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Corporate Executives

Excellent Relationships are the core of successful businesses. Dynamic and Directed Communication is the key to success in today’s crowded market place. Let’s discuss how my team and I can help you create your own personal strategy for professional success!


Personal Growth

Achieving confidence, self esteem, inner and outer beauty, fitness and LivVivid™ lifestyle through personal and online coaching. Your happiness and success is my priority, lets work together and create the best version of you!


Women Entrepreneurs and Professionals

You are ready for the mega success you deserve! You have tirelessly prepared and worked diligently building your career, establishing your credibility,credentials and pursuing your passion! Your vision for an independent meaningful happy and prosperous life is within reach . Its time to be brilliant. Working hard is one thing but working intuitively, on your terms is the way to achieve success. We all have the same 24 hours a day. It’s time to start making every second count.


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Virtual Coaching

Your Priorities are Mary’s Priorities! Do you have a specific objectives in the area of Professional Strategies for Your Success, Personal Branding, Public Speaking, Media Prep and Pitching, Image or Marketing ? Book 5 hours of Virtual Coaching with Mary and gain her expertise in the specific areas that are important for your career and life success. Achieve your goals quickly and successfully with this 5 hour intensive one on one coaching package.


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Mary is phenomenal! She has given me everything I need to be successful! Thank you Mary!
Jennifer Marcenelle
Mary is teaching me to perform on live TV and in the media. I didn’t think I could do it but she’s been easing me into it. I feel like I’ve learned a lot! Thank you Mary!
Diana Piazza
Mary, you’re amazing! One consultation with you has paid for itself many times over. I spoke for an hour and brought in $42,000 in sales! I look forward to future consultations.
Steve Harrison, Bradley Communications

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