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LOVE THE SKIN YOU’RE IN! Get Moving is all about living vibrantly in your body every day in an extraordinary way. To engage in life is to become a full participant in every minute by experiencing yourself as a connected and fully integrated being. Our body defines us in reality. It connects us to the physical world. It literally moves us through our lives by allowing us to experience our journey to its absolute fullest potential.  Our quality of life is a choice. We can either be in partner with our bodies and move through each day with enthusiasm, energy and joy, or we can become a slave to a poorly functioning body and watch the world go by as arm chair warriors-depressed, imprisoned and not participating in all the activities around us. Which do you choose? I choose to Get Moving and LivVivid.

Most people who LivVivid feel fully connected to the physical being and fully engage every cell in a kaleidoscope of ever changing moments which greatly contribute to our joy and fulfillment and define who we are as unique beings.  Get Moving will inspire, motivate and offer tips and solutions on how to expand, nurture, challenge, strengthen and embrace each minute spent in motion, even when the motion is pure bliss, meditation and sleep. From Work Outs with Fitness experts to Bucket List Adventure training and ride alongs, from meditation and visualizations to bike rides along the coast, safety tips, products and packing necessities to maximize your happy moments and appreciate your body’s strength, stamina as well as its serenity and sanctity.

Discover here how you can create your optimum body. Discover here how can use your body to enjoy your life. You don’t have to become an extreme athlete to move freely through your day. All you need to do is understand how you are made, how to partner with your one gorgeous self to enjoy, achieve and create a plan to live active, healthy and in love with your self every day! What will inspire you to take action today? What will it take to Get Moving?

So How Do We Get Moving And Stay Moving?

How do we actually get off the couch, the phone, IG, Pinterest and Snap Chat and manifest our LivVivid life instead of just wishing and living it vicariously through other peoples lives in media?  How do we make our virtual reality into actual reality? First we must see who we are and commit to becoming the very best versions of ourselves! It’s not about size. It’s about shape.


What Is Get Curvy?

Building That Beautiful Curvy Body You Have Always Dreamed Of!

Regardless if you were born with curves or not, we are here to teach you how to build them! Whether you are naturally a Type “H”, “A”,”V” or “8” Body type, there are certain workouts you can do to build or reduce areas to achieve your Curvy Vivid Body!


What Is Get Straight?

Lengthening and Slenderizing to Achieve Your Vivid Body

Regardless of the body you were born with, we are here to teach you how to lengthen and slenderize your figure! Whether you are naturally a Type “H”, “A”,”V” or “8” Body type, there are certain workouts you can do to lengthen and reduce areas to achieve your Straight Vivid Body!


Personal Training


Personal Training

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The absolute BEST way to achieve YOUR VIVID BODY is through personal training! One on one training and support is available for those who live in Orange County, CA. No gym? No Problem, we offer services at your home and in local gyms in Orange County. Your first session is FREE! Click below to find out how to sign up today.

Let’s Get Started!

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Customized Workout Plans

Our Fitness Coach Will Build A Workout Plan Specifically To Meet your Goals!

Are you trying to Gain Muscle, Lose Fat, Tone or a Combination of all three? Are you looking for a workout that was designed to help you build your Dream Body? Whether you are working out at home or in the gym, this is where you will find information on how we can help you make that happen! Customized workouts are made JUST FOR YOU, with your specific body, goals and needs in mind! We offer 3 week, 12 week and 36 week plans, with how to videos and support.


Online Fitness Coaching


Talented & Professional


Gina Lopez


Gina Lopez

30 Years Old, Orange County, CA

For a good portion of her middle and high school years, Gina was a size 16. In 10th grade she decided that she wasn’t happy with the way she looked and decided to change her life. She made minimal changes to her diet and started a workout routine. With in a year she lost 60 POUNDS and was able to keep the weight off for YEARS, until getting pregnant, at which point she gained ALL of the weight back plus MORE and found herself at a SIZE 20 (before photo)! After delivering her baby via C-Section she had certain restrictions that prevented her from getting back to her goal as quickly as she would have liked. However, again, within  a year was able to drop the 70 pounds with minimal diet changes and exercise.


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I’m so happy with the results I’m seeing, you know I’ve always been working out but I was obviously doing something wrong. It sure helps having someone that knows what they’re doing guide you. Thanks a lot, you’re amazing!
Andrea Torres
“The training was great !!! I actually got training that was a challenge but absolutely payed off which was worth it . I wouldn’t change anything !!”
Jeimy Lopez
“I’m a beginner in the gym, and Gina totally put my worries at ease. I never worked out and she made a fitness plan for me that made me feel very comfortable. I love having her as a trainer and coach and I have lost a nice amonth of weight and inches which is a huge plus!! I give her an A++++”
Alysha Kane

We can help you achieve the body of your dreams!