Your VIP Experience will include:


1- 1 ½ Hours

Discover Your Body Type

Wardrobe Personality Assessment

Seasonal Analysis and Unique Color Forecast




6 hours  

Personal Shopping and Styling in stores personally selected for you!


***** Add a personalized Makeup Update and Hair Consultation!


A Brand New Wardrobe for your Brand New LivVivid Life


What are the Benefits?


Spending the day with Mary is a spa experience for your Body, Mind and Spirit. Not only will you feel renewed reenergized and realigned with your true self you will experience the most fabulous retail therapy shopping experience of you life!


* Achieve confidence and clarity on how to dress for your wardrobe personality.

* Get clear examples of clothing, outfits and styles that translate your inner beauty to your outer beauty.

*Discover which stores and designers cater to your wardrobe personality, style and budget.

*Never stand in your closet and be depressed because you have nothing to wear!

*Find wardrobe solutions if you are a hard to fit woman and need special help to dress aka petite, plus size, extra tall.

*Create and Purchase a wardrobe that conveys your authentic self at work and at play by wearing clothes that are well made, fit great are comfortable and express who you really are!





What Will I Learn?


  1.  What is your wardrobe personality?  You will discover your wardrobe personality based upon your figure, features and personality. Are you a Classic, A Dramatic, A Romantic, A Casual, A Natural or a Gamin? Or are you a combination?
  2. What do my clothes say about me? You willlearn the secret language of clothing and how what you wear determines your success in Life, in your career and in Love!
  3. You will learn how to create a wardrobe that expresses who you truly are to the world and will work for you body type, personality and lifestyle.

Learn how to express your true self in with your clothing for your career and your social life.


  1. You will learn how to camouflage your figure flaws and accentuate you best features by selecting garments that accentuate the positive and diminish the negative.


  1. Learn how to look taller, thinner, younger and more energetic by wearing clothes that are made for you regardless of your size and budget.


  1. Where and how to shop for my personality and style? You will learn, designers, stores and resources for achieving your unique look as your wardrobe personality.


  1. Tips and resources for every figure type to save you time and money and stop you from buying fashion disasters!


  1. Learn how to have stress free dressing and no struggles every morning and get to your work feeling gorgeous and looking great with confidence and positivity!



Who is this created for?


Any woman who has dreamt of shopping with an expert, feeling like a celebrity and dressing like a queen!



  • Women who have problems finding clothes that fit right in styles that are flattering to their figure and wardrobe style
  • Women who stand in their closet every morning and have nothing to wear
  • Women who spend money on clothes and never feel good in them
  • Women who do not feel authentic in their clothes and are looking for help in creating their own signature style and personality
  • Women who want to know how to dress strategically according to their body type
  • Women who want the inside scoop on how to maximize their appearance for their personal and professional life so that they look gorgeous and feel great!




Call Mary with any questions at 561-667-6700.