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LivVivid is your ultimate journey to joy.  It stands for your life… extreme, tender, outrageous, successful & inspired.
LivVivid™ is all about being the best version of you: physically, emotionally, spiritually, psychically and intellectually. At LivVivid™ you’ll find all the resources, tools and strategies necessary to manifest your dream come true self, love, partner, career and life.

Are you passionate about living a Vivid Life? Does it feel as though something more is waiting for you? Do you want more out of the life you’re living?  You’ve come to the right place!

It’s time to start living your life Unleashed! It’s time to create the life you desire and begin living each day to the fullest!

I am thrilled to partner with the most exclusive and extraordinary luxury lifestyle purveyors, fitness coaches, style icons, business icons and transformationalists to provide all you will ever need to manifest your best and most fulfilling life.

Join me and make the commitment to living a Vivid Life!

Are you ready to begin living the life you designed? I’m so proud of you!

The first step is to sign up and take the challenge to live a Vivid Life. The next step is to watch your inbox as I share next steps, daily plans and encouragement designed to help you live the life you’ve always wanted.

As you begin your journey, it’s important to think about what you want out of life. What will it take to make your life complete?

Get started by taking this quick survey (link here). Then get ready as we take this journey together and design the life you’ve always wanted!

Mary Giuseffi has been a strong voice, motivational speaker and advocate for women, children and the misunderstood, all her life. She is a Poet in motion. No matter what medium she chooses to explore…it is unmistakably art in action.

She was a Ford Model in New York City, a teenage opera singer and actress. Later she became the creative director for her own production company that created spectacular performance art pieces, runway fashion shows and extraordinary visceral events. She spoke nationwide on self-image, dressing for success and how to create a beautiful life. She graduated 10,000 young people from her etiquette and self-esteem programs from country club kids to juvenile delinquents, Mary shared her love and joy and powerful knowledge inspiring them to succeed in life through respect, discipline and humor.

Giuseffi received many awards through the years for her dedication and commitment to many charitable institutions in South Florida, where she resided for almost thirty years, including Woman of The Year, Volunteer of the Year, Women of Style and Substance, Outstanding Women of Broward County to name a few.

Mary has released two Amazon best sellers, Straight Up With A Twist and Femme Fierce: Flashes of Courage and has appeared on The Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda several times.

Mary also has spearheaded her own consulting firm which deals with how people “show up in the world”. Her personal branding, marketing strategies, laser sharp intuition and extraordinary taste has successfully launched authors, entrepreneurs and professionals to stardom and best seller status while increasing profitability and notability in their respective fields. She is clearly a coach’s coach in transformational circles.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of Mary’s online and on-demand programs you can find some great ones right here! Click this link to see all Mary currently has available for you!
She does!  Mary is a globally adored speaker who enjoys helping others and is an incredible asset to any online or in-person event! Take a look at her Speaker’s page right here!
You can contact Mary directly to inquire about her availability for your next event right here!

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