Keeping Your Business Alive and Thriving in Today’s Market

Solutions for Small Businesses

Mary Giuseffi


Excellent Relationships are the core of successful businesses. Dynamic and Directed Communication is the key to success in today’s crowded market place.  As business owners, we must anticipate our customer’s unsolvable problems and offer immediate solutions while conveying trust, loyalty, competency, and value. We must replace the friendly greeting when someone walks in our shop by creating instant rapport, reliability, relevance and reliability with people we may never meet or at the very least will not meet until we convince them with an online presence that we are the company for the job!

With high competition for a shrinking dollar, constant bombardment every moment from advertisers persuading us to by things we may or may not need and virtual sales skyrocketing, traditional brick and mortar business have two choices when facing the reality of what it takes to stay in business today: Create and engaging online presence and a dynamic conversation with your customers or become obsolete!

Here are the Facts:

190 million The number of U.S. consumers who will shop online this year. That is more than half the population-. (Wall Street Journal)

81 % The percentage of shoppers who research on line before buying in a store. (GE Capital Retail Bank)

1 Trillion The number of search queries Google processed over in 2014. (

67% The percentage of people asked stated that the results revealed that online reviews impact respondents’ purchasing decisions. (

79% The percentage of shoppers who feel empowered by technology because it provides access to information. (GE Capital)

In addition, according to Forbes, May 2016, Customers prefer to mix technology and in store visits for major purchases. Almost half of the retailers reviewed said that their customers prefer an “omnichannel shopping experience”. They do research on line and then buy in person at the store.

It is really hard to change what has been working for years.  It is even harder to accept the fact that change is necessary. Trust me, when I tell you that my experience with this struggle is first hand, as an owner of a successful 60-year-old business, which now has moved into its 3rd generation of management and customers. I have seen what happens when Mom and Popshops get pack manned by conglomerates. I know whet its is like to try to convince a 75 year old company founder that he or she must get with the times and improve or create a website and online presence- even if it is not a selling platform. As the facts proved, the web is now a huge credibility factor and a major resource for people’s research and finding products and services that will enrich their lives, improve their lifestyles and solve crisis situations and problems.  The Web is more than a phone book; it is the lifeline to your customers and the gatekeeper to your good reputation.


The Facts:


83% The percentage of people who read online research and reviews about a product. (Weber Shandwick)

88% The percentage of consumers read and trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. (Forbes)

How do you create an online presence and update your website to stay in business. How do you communicate your core values, products and services to your client base? How do you become seen and heard in today’s world?

I have the solution for you:


Take your brand to the next level! Create an online presence that captivates and converts your potential customer to real business. 

You may say, “We don’t even have a brand!” Oh, yes you do! I would like to work with you to understand it, update it, communicate it and make your business visible to online shoppers as well as provide the research for browsing customers who will ultimately make their purchase in your store!

Over the past twelve years I have worked with thousands of business owners on refining and articulating their message, creating a profitable and dynamic online presence with their buying public and seeing tremendous results! It has been an honor and privilege to watch small businesses embrace new technology and new audiences and increase sales and visibility without losing the very essence of who they are – trustworthy, honest, hard working and solution based real people with real knowledge and wisdom and a true desire to serve their customer base!

I would like to meet you and discuss your business needs and the vision you have for your company and how we can work together to ensure your company’s future. I am passionate about assisting small businesses and entrepreneurs succeed in a rapidly changing market place and keep the American Dream alive and prosperous. I believe in family values and a strong work ethic.  Let’s discuss how my team and I can help you create your personal strategy for professional success and successfully bring your business into the future!