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What if you had a language that spoke directly from your soul and created a rainbow that would describe and support you every day life? What if I shared with you that you have  a set of Divine Colors that will translate the world for you and express your unique journey to the world in a way that makes perfect sense and allows you to iunderstand yourself like never before? Welcome to the extraordinary world of color. Imagine a world where you can feast on fuchsia, smell lemincello, hear sapphire and touch prickly pear. Imagine if you, yourself had an actual color personality as unique as your fingerprint?   Well, you do! You do have a unique set of Divine Colors which reflects and permeates every layer of your being.

These extraordinary hues create a vibration that goes beyond, taste, smell touch and hearing. This vibration is emitted from deep with your soul!  Your unique color pattern, when in balance, provides you with a full spectrum of vibrational support, allowing you to not only feel secure, loved, happy, healthy and dynamic but actaully contributes greatly to your comunication to others and the enire world!

In additon, Colors themselves possess certain inherent vibrational messages which convey emotional, intellectual and physical information to othersevery minute of every day! These colors can support your internal environment and everyone else’s too.  Once you understand your own  Divine Color Palette, and Personality the impact of color on others and the dynamic color plays in evry human expereicne, your relationships will be greatly enhanced, your understanding of others will be clarfued and your messages will be more clearly conveyed and received. Color will bring you success personally and professionally.  Once you know your Divine Colors you will have the tools to create great relationships and a happy and fulfilling life. Not only that ,you will have a bradn new way to understand and communicate withyour friends, loved ones and coworkers.

We do not have to chat about your feelings, some music is better not sung but hummed in the souls vibration of color on your lips..the tickled fancy your Spirit feels when there are no words to describe or contain your joy to be present both in this moment and in eternity. If there is only one thing and by only one thing we  describes our existence it is vibration. Whther we consider molecules or miracles, music or madness it is the vibration which sets our souls on fire and presses our weary limbs to dance. It is the exquisite vibration shared by all living things that creates the great sym[homic harmony of sound, light, taste, touch, sight body mind and spirit…its is the  vibration which begins on Angels wings as we stir in our mother’s wombs and carries through life’s dance ascending the glorious ascending scale staicase toto heavens gate that also feeds us with the rapture of color and it is within the grace of color that we may ascend the heavenly harmonic scale to Joy and Love and Light.

Even in the darkness there is the vibration of light which wakes us up from the slumber of our ordinary lives and transforms sleep walking into a  exuberant scerazade!

Welcome to you world of living color!

Who would have ever thought that your  first box of crayons were so important? Not only that- life in the true HD color  is never boring… It’s never the same twice and it’s always juicy and Hyper Real! Colors make life vivid.

Imagine that color not only exudes from you but penetrates every layer of your being… ah! The  sheer delight of it! Being fully immersed in 50 shades of lamee is exquisite. Are you tickled pink? You should be.

Our experience with color is constantly changing with the light, texture and shade and mood but the vibrational impact and the message it conveys will remain constant whether amplified or muted…. Caressing your soul in such a way that you never are lacking for the true love you need…  thought possible!

Did you know that the colors you surround yourself with, wear, live in and ingest, not only effect your mood but contribute to your energy level, daily decisions, activities and relationships? Do you realize that by wearing the right color you can convey a specific non-verbal message that can influence someone’s opinion of who you are and what you are saying? LivVivid gives you the understanding, palettes and tools to attain your highest and best purpose and achieve outstanding results in all areas of your life. Your wardrobe color can transform your self image and your professional persona. Your environment colors have an enormous effect on your emotional, intellectual spiritual and physical well-being. Room color has the power to create a mood, change behavior and influence thought. The effectiveness of your media and marketing materials can be dramatically enhanced by the color palette selected.  Color establishes immediate rapport, relevance and relatability to your audience, family,  coworkers,  clients and friends. The color of your wardrobe, your home and your office effects your well being, your performance and your relationship with yourself and others. By selecting empowering colors you can change your outlook on life, your efficiency and your behavior.

Welcome to your Divine colors! There may never be another place you’d rather be!!!! Mary is a color expert! Over the past seven years she has helped thousands of people discover their true colors and implement positive changes into people’s personal and professional lives. What are your Divine Colors? Contact Mary to discover yours today!

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